If you can’t attend a weekly class, come to a daylong or weekend workshop. Rivka presents her material on healing your relationship to food and body, which is accessible in many formats.

“At this workshop, I realized that my real problem isn’t about the food, but about being with difficult feelings. I learned an enormous amount. I’ve gained many tools to cope with the issues that have been plaguing me.”

-Workshop Participant


Upcoming workshops:

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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!
A Gentle Approach to Food, Your Body, and Yourself
2-hour workshop with Rivka Simmons
Date: Sunday, January 31st
Time: 12:30-2:30pm
Location: The Arlington Center, Arlington, MA
Cost: $28
We are all born with a natural, easy relationship to food and our bodies, but for so many of us this healthy relationship gets disrupted. We spend unnecessary amounts of mental and emotional energy worrying about our eating and our bodies, which leads us to diet/binge cycles, using food for emotional rather than physical hunger, and feeling shame or frustration about our behaviors as well as how we look and feel.
Through lessons, exercises, and guided meditations, you’ll learn how to recover your natural relationship with food and your body using mindfulness, curiosity, and compassion. Rather than following external rules, you will learn how to listen to and trust your body’s hunger signals, enjoy the foods you love the most, eat mindfully, and respond gently and effectively to emotional eating, finding ways to nourish yourself when food is not what you truly need.
You will leave this workshop understanding the root causes of eating and body image struggles, gain tools to free yourself from these struggles, and most importantly, you will learn to cultivate self-compassion throughout the process.

“Rivka Simmons is an exceptional teacher and guide. Her gentle approach assures safety and respect while her clarity shows the way. I have great respect for her integrity and her innovative work with eating disorders.”

– Alice Rosen, MSEd, LMHC, Director of Education for Feeding Ourselves,
and author of The Feeding Ourselves Method, a Guide to Achieving a Healthy Relationship with Food