Psychotherapy Focused on Eating and Body Images

Are you ready to liberate yourself from food, weight, and body image issues?


Rivka moves clients beyond failed diets and emotional eating by shifting their focus to underlying causes of food and body struggles. With a compassionate approach, Rivka teaches clients essential skills to make lasting change.
Rivka combines the depth of insight-oriented and mindfulness-based psychotherapies with practical tools to liberate clients from food, weight, and body image issues. Another unique asset to Rivka’s approach is her strong background and training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy.


Lasting change occurs in psychotherapy when clients:

Identify underlying issues driving overeating, undereating, dieting, and body image disorders
With compassionate guidance, clients discover what is driving them to overeat, how diets are failing them, and what is really behind their feelings of dissatisfaction with their bodies. She teaches critical skills so that clients can develop healthier strategies rather than turning to food for stress relief and self-soothing.


Recover a natural approach to food
Most people who have worked with Rivka no longer need to diet because their relationship to food normalizes. They understand that it’s not what they’re eating; it’s what’s eating them. Rather than fixating on eating and body image as their problem, they approach food more naturally, treat themselves with greater respect, move their bodies in healthy ways, and care for themselves in such a way that they no longer need to turn to food as their primary coping strategy. Clients learn to let go of self-judgment and relate to themselves with compassion, curiosity, and kindness.

General Psychotherapy Practice

In her psychotherapy practice, Rivka treats depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, grief, and relationship issues.


Easily Accessible Location

Located just north of Boston near Tufts University in Medford, MA, Rivka’s office is accessible by public transportation. There is plenty of free street parking for those with cars. For out-of-state clients, she offers support by telephone.