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What would your life be like if you let go of your preoccupation with food and your body?

It’s possible!


Spend your time living your life more fully, caring for yourself, and doing the things you really love.


Learn how to recover your natural relationship with food, get off the diet/binge roller-coaster, break the cycle of emotional eating and finally feel at peace with your body.


Over half of Americans are dieting at any given time, yet Americans have been gaining weight in unprecedented amounts. Something is very wrong here.


Diets fail us. Dieting, bingeing, and preoccupation with food and body image are symptoms. Transformation comes with healing the root causes behind eating and body image issues and being able to recover our natural relationship with food and our bodies.


You are not alone. You can make change in your life through:


A Gentle Approach to Food and Your Body



Support Groups, and Workshops

Speaker Services

Whether in individual sessions or a group experience, Rivka moves clients beyond failed diets and emotional eating by shifting their focus to underlying causes of food and body issues. With a compassionate approach, Rivka teaches clients essential skills to make lasting change. Join us for a workshop, class, or ongoing support group. Have Your Cake and Eat it, Too!, our ten week signature program, is a comprehensive introduction to intuitive eating, mindfulness, and resolving emotional eating. After the program, many continue in ongoing support groups. Rivka offers compelling lectures on a variety of topics relating to food and body, mindfulness meditation, and stress reduction. She has brought her work to universities, hospitals, corporate wellness programs, yoga studios, Kripalu’s retreat center, and conferences. Customize a program for your company’s corporate wellness program.